Dematerialized management of accounting documents related to invoicing

In order to meet the needs of our customers and companies, our services are evolving to make customer/supplier relations more fluid and secure for SMEs and SMIs.

The dematerialization of invoices and credit notes is becoming a legal obligation.

ACFI Network® adapts and integrates a complete solution for the dematerialized management of accounting documents related to invoicing.

Dematerialization services ACFI Group

Services ACFI Group :

  • integrated into the space Reverse PME® space space on the ACFI Network® platform

  • independently accessible, for all your uses:

    • for your suppliers, whether or not they are members of a Reverse PME® program

    • for your customers, to automate the sending of your invoices and ensure their perfect reception

For what benefit?

Minimum resources for maximum efficiency:

⏱️ Productivity

🔒 Control and safety

✅ Compliance

🔎 Visibility

🌱 Eco-responsible approach

😎 Easy to use


From PDF documents, sent by email or deposited on our server:

  • Generation of a file that can be integrated into the accounting system

  • Wide range of data collected: references, amounts, VAT, legal data, order history...

  • Data control and validation


  • Unlimited number of documents and signatories

  • Recognized legal value


  • Secure space

  • Sharing documents

  • Archiving
Digital safe

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