ACFI Network

The management tool for your Reverse Factoringprogramme

A secure communication platform between Buyers, Suppliers and Financiers to serve Reverse Factoring programmes efficiently and simply.

Transfer of invoice information by the Buyer or Supplier

Qualifying invoices and changing their status

Real-time information on disputes

Transfer of validated invoices to Financiers for payment to Suppliers

Secure access in SAAS mode, intuitive use, designed and created with the users

Dematerialization of your accounting documents

Whether you are already using EDI, or are planning to switch to it in the near future, ACFI Network® allows you to move towards total dematerialization. The platform now integrates services that can be accessed as part of a Reverse PME® program, but also independently, for all your uses:


Automatic integration of computer files extracted from your accounting system or that of your suppliers, or manual entry of invoicing data, ACFI Network® allows you to exchange information in real time on the important moments in the life of an invoice: validation, contestation, provisional date of payment, settlement, etc.

Saving time in processing invoices, mastering and rapidly disseminating information are the main challenges of intercompany credit

Security and Information Flow

  • Symfony 4 application, PHP 7.2 framework
  • 3 data centres (Tier III standard), 5 servers
  • Monthly data transfer: unlimited
  • Daily data backup for 7 consecutive days
  • Availability rate: 99.99
  • Unlimited anti-DDOS protection
  • HTTPS protocol for data protection
  • SSL certificate, user control, log analysis
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification

Preservation of the Environment

  • Energy used for servers: 60% hydro / 40% NRJ renewable
  • Cooling by outside air, without air conditioning
  • Full offset of CO2 emissions


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