Our commitment

Help companies set up and manage customized, innovative financing solutions.

Our expertise

Reverse PME®: reverse factoring tailored to SMEs and ETIs

Since its creation in 2014, Groupe ACFI has forged solid partnerships with credit institutions enabling it to offer tailor-made financing.

Our team is organized around a single ambition: to help companies streamline and secure their purchasing in France and abroad by setting up and managing Reverse Factoring programs.

Groupe ACFI is approved byORIAS and regulated by theACPR.

Our approach

Supporting you at every stage of Reverse PME® implementation

Accompaniment: a team at work and two people shake hands

Responding to Buyer issues

Securing the financial sector

Structuring the offer, supporting and training the various stakeholders, rolling out the program

Propose efficient, easy-to-implement flow and information management solutions

Making the Reverse program a win-win partnership for all stakeholders

Reverse PME® certification

In 2015, our firm embarked on a labeling process for our Reverse Factoring offering accessible to SMEs. Deemed both innovative and relevant in its approach and targets by the committee of experts, Reverse PME® has been accredited by the world competitive cluster FINANCE INNOVATION in the accounting and advisory services category.
Finance Innovation

The words of Hélène Forest,
Project Manager at FINANCE INNOVATION:

"New solutions and engineering for financing working capital in the supply chain are at the heart of FINANCE INNOVATION's concerns.

Inter-company credit needs to be better mobilized in order to secure both buyers and suppliers. In this respect, Reverse PME® has been recognized by the FINANCE INNOVATION cluster as a virtuous way of developing trade, particularly in 3 complex situations: better coverage of WCR on imports and domestic suppliers, financing of suppliers not eligible for factoring, and increased purchases from suppliers without exceeding credit coverage limits.

Last but not least, Reverse PME® is aimed at medium-sized companies, enabling Reverse Factoring to be deployed across the entire value chain, with an operational approach adapted to this less structured and more fragile market".

The Team

Florent Debled


A graduate of Grenoble Ecole Management (GEM Business School), Florent began his career
in the factoring subsidiaries of international banking groups.

A former member of the Executive Committee and Credit Committee, then Head of Structured Finance, Florent has been involved in the creation and structuring of innovative, tailor-made financing programs such as reverse factoring, deconsolidation,
inventory financing and syndication operations.

Building on this experience, he co-founded Groupe ACFI with Marie-Claire in 2014, to set up
and manage Reverse Factoring programs for SMEs & ETIs.

Groupe ACFI's strategy: to grow by helping our customers to grow with a
disruptive approach to financing their operations.

Marie-Claire Desrues

General Manager

A graduate of the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (Lyon III University) and a Master's degree in Economics and Management (Lyon II University), Marie-Claire quickly specialized in factoring with the two main independent players in the market.

For more than 10 years, Marie-Claire marketed factoring, inventory financing and reverse factoring solutions, and helped structure and deploy payment centralization programs.

She co-founded ACFI Group with Florent, bringing her expertise in supporting and training operational teams in the management of the financing set up.

Mathieu Dureisseix

Operations Manager

A certified Linux systems engineer and full-stack web developer, Mathieu began his career by setting up an IT company. An SS2I that he developed around a know-how combining cutting-edge technical expertise and an understanding of business challenges.

Throughout his 25 years of experience, Mathieu is an entrepreneur at heart, whose objectives have always been customer satisfaction and the success of cross-functional projects, combining his commercial and operational skills.

Attracted by the innovative concept of ACFI Groupconcept, he joined the company in 2015 to develop the management tool for Reverse Factoring programs. The ACFI Network platform was born and continues to evolve to meet the requirements of our partners and customers.

Michaël Di Sangro

Sales Manager

A graduate of the École Internationale de Management de Metz and the California Institute Of International Business (San Francisco), Michael began his career in industry, during which time he had the opportunity to take over the management of an SME. He then turned to the world of short-term financing, a major issue for companies, and for 17 years held sales and management positions in factoring subsidiaries of major French banking groups.

His dual experience, on both the corporate and financial sides, means that he has a particularly good grasp of the issues faced by SME & ETI managers and shareholders, as well as the constraints faced by financiers. Michaël joined Groupe ACFI as Sales Director to put all his skills and high standards at the service of Reverse PME®, an innovation in working capital financing.

Céline Bigand

Customer Manager

A graduate of IAE Lille (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises) in Corporate Finance, Development and Treasury, Céline began her career with BPIFRANCE as a Research Manager. There, she developed both analytical and interpersonal skills, which naturally led her to take on the role of Financing Account Manager, an operational position in medium and long-term credit.

With customer satisfaction at the heart of her daily concerns, Céline quickly found her place at ACFI Group which she joined in 2020. As Customer Manager, she provides our customers with the peace of mind they need to manage and optimize their Reverse Factoring.

Timothy Dumas

Customer Manager

Graduating with a Master's degree in International Commerce from the University of Aix Marseille (AMU), Timothy began his career in international logistics as an import-export coordinator, then in the finance department. He then held the position of Treasurer at Fnac in Aix-en-Provence, where he discovered a real interest in combining short-term financing management and customer satisfaction.

Keen to put his skills to good use in an innovative company, he joined Groupe ACFI as Customer Manager in 2022.

Mélanie Pinot

Sales Assistant

A graduate of Besançon business school (IMEA), Mélanie began her professional career as an executive assistant. Open to new ideas, she contributed to the development and improvement of the operational CRM.

She then joined the CLEAR CHANNEL group, where she established an efficient interface between internal departments and customers.

Attracted by the challenges of an innovative company, Mélanie joined Groupe ACFI in 2022, to renew her good results and achieve even more ambitious goals.

Océane Mekerke

External Auditor

With a master's degree in Financial Risk Management from the University of Aix-Marseille, Océane joined Groupe ACFI in 2021 as an External Auditor. 

Océane loves figures, but especially the information they provide about a company's position in its market. 

She visits our customers to take an in-depth look at their situation and give our partners the visibility they need to support them. Reverse Factoring is not just a partnership between suppliers and their buyers, it's also about financing...

Marc Lassort

Fullstack Developer

Marc holds a Master's degree in political science from Sciences Po Bordeaux and a Master's degree in legal economics from the University of Aix-Marseille. He began his career as a freelancer, writing and translating numerous articles and books for organizations specializing in the economic analysis of public policy.

His activity then gradually broadened to include website management, animation and development, until he graduated as a software developer/designer (PHP/Symfony) in September 2022.

Seduced by the innovative concept of Reverse Factoring and by Groupe ACFI's ambition, Marc joins the teams in January 2023 to develop the ACFI Network® platform, to contribute his transversal skills, and to help the Group pass a new growth milestone.

Claire Pelletier

Marketing Manager

With a DUT in communications and a master's degree in performing arts, Claire worked for 10 years in the audiovisual field, including 6 years with france.tv studio, a subsidiary of France Télévisions.

Convinced that the future is technological and eager to take on new challenges, she added web development to her bow, thanks to intensive training, which she put into practice within the start-up Clevy.

Attracted by ACFI's capacity for innovation, and aware of the stakes involved in the quality of the image conveyed, Claire joined Groupe ACFI to put her eye and know-how to good use in the Group's internal and external communications.


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